Philip Arnold

You and your staff did an exemplary job as healers for some ongoing diabetic ulcers that had plagued me for over a year. Your staff was always courteous and your own personal preservationist approach to my footcare alleviated my fears that I would need to have additional toes amputated as the only solution to my osteomyelitis and slow to heal feet. Thank you for being very good at what you do and did for me and my foot problems. You have enhanced the quality of my life. For that I am grateful.

Lupita Figueroa

Very good doctor and the service of the nurses.

Vondangobootonube Bouquenoy

They fixed my toe I had an ingrown for like 15 years they got rid of it in 15mins thank you so much I feel like I got a new foot. You should really tape those sessions... YouTube and Tik Tok will make ya famous if u do I got another toe for ya... Thanks for all!

Norm Fisher

Absolutely awesome. A busy podiatrist practice. You'll be fortunate to be able to have him as your podiatrist.

Tara Hegarty

I am currently recovering in the hospital from my 4th toe surgery courtesy of Dr. Xingbo Sun. These operations have all been in the past 5 months, so I have had a lot of personal interaction with Dr. Sun. I was admitted last night from the ER and this reliable and caring doctor was here at my bedside at 6 am... and today is Thanksgiving!!! Dr. sun is also very knowledgeable and makes sure his patients are in the know about specific procedures and recovery information. Furthermore, he is extremely hard working and clearly cares about what he does. Finally, he has a professional bedside demeanor, but also is unafraid to have a sense of humor (when appropriate). I would recommend Dr. Xingbo Sun to family and friends in the blink of an eye!

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